Cactus Flower Florist and the Hanging Tag

Cactus Flower Florist is our communities largest and oldest florist.  Dustin and Lindsy, the owners, have consigned Innovus Photography artwork in their shop for over a year and we have had a very positive relationship.  Recently Dustin came to us with a rather specific request.  He wanted a tag that could hang from the back of his flower displays that would stand up to the environment of a flower shop.  They had to be durable, inexpensive and repel water.  Below is the result, printed with the LogoJet using acrylic ink, cured with UV light on blank, clay poker chips.  These hanging tags will last for years making sure flower stands are promptly returned to Cactus Flower after displaying their beautiful arrangements.

Innovus Print Shop and Cactus Flower Hanging Tags
Hanging Tags for Cactus Flower printed custom by Innovus Print Shop

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