Have a Seat and Stay Awhile

We here at the Innovus family are excited to bring you all another story of what local cooperation, and a bit of creative thinking can accomplish. This story begins on June 6th, 2018, with a photo taken in the Joshua Tree National Park by our very own expert in-house photographer.

Now, taking beautiful photographs and bringing them to life in a multitude of ways is very literally “what we do,” but on occasion, we like to flex our creative muscles a challenge ourselves to create something new. We then reached out to one of our very close friends and collaborators here in the desert, Ginny Whaley, and together we came to the only logical next step, we want to print on chairs.

This is where the collaboration and creative thinking came well into effect. Using a Dye Sublimation print process, we took our beautiful desert image and put it on a material that is up to rigors involved in being a chair. We then turned these prints over to Ginny who had been working masterfully on restoring a set of chairs purchased here in town from the Joshua Springs thrift store. The chairs were then reupholstered, and the result were even better than we had imagined.

Our dedication to innovation and to challenging ourselves has brought us not just another story of creative triumph, but another service with an overwhelming amount of possibilities that we can provide to our customers.


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