Who We Are

Innovus print shop

At Innovus Print Shop we are dedicated to printing high quality, specialty items for individuals, businesses, and organizations that are both creative and meticulously produced by experienced, professional and fun people (our staff).  We take pride in personally handling each order from start to finish, make every product you receive perfect.  below is a short list of items we produce regularly, but we love challenges, so bring us your ideas and we’ll figure out how to make them into real, custom printed works of art.


The Innovus story

Innovus was born in early 2013 from the desire of a group of friends in Phoenix, Arizona, to come together and take, print and sell pictures of the local landscape and wildlife. The name Innovus was formed by merging the two words “innovation” and “us.” We strived to be innovative in our approach to both photography and printing.

Originally a photography group, we started by sharing camera resources and found our talents for printing extended far beyond just taking amazing pictures. While the Innovus Print Shop holds a special place for artists of all types, we specialize in short-run printing of all kinds. Our goal is to take your business printing needs to the next level and keep the budget on target.

In early 2015, the business expanded to include specialty printing on just about anything except, as one of the principals, would put it, “paper.” After much persuading from the staff of the Innvous Print Shop in the beginning of 2017, Innovus expanded to include all forms of paper printing.

Today Innovus produces a full range of items printed through an amazing range of methods, truly living up to the original innovative style of the original friends out shooting amazing images in the Arizona desert. We’d love to have you become a part of the “us” in Innovus as you bring us your most important projects, for all your specialty printing needs.

We invite you to stop by and take a tour of our facility, meet our staff and find out how Innovus will help you with your printing needs.